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This is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker before sunrise. I find it hard to believe that I’ve lived here for 28 years and this is the first time I’ve been this close.

Golden Gate detail

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A group of us got up at O-Dark-Thirty and made our way to Fort Baker in Sausalito to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge in early light. That produced some iconic (boring) photos. As I looked around for whatever else was … Continue reading

The Milky Way over Sea Ranch

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The camera can see more than our eyes can at night. Facing west, we could see the Milky Way but not the light at the horizon. What is it?


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This view is toward the southeast from the beach at The Sea Ranch. Jupiter was the brightest light in the sky (Uranus was conjunct with Jupiter and behind it). The horizon glow might be from inland cities like Santa Rosa … Continue reading

Faces in unusual places

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Seen along the California coast at The Sea Ranch. This rock formation looked very much like the head of a snapping turtle to me.

Found on the road

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Last weekend I rode a new route (for me) out of Livermore on Mines road. On the way back we spotted this little fellow trying to cross the road.

Playin’ around

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Recently I passed this barn on a bike ride and went back a week later to photograph it. I tried doing it using HDR but that didn’t live up to my expectations. I had read recently on Mark Johnson’s excellent … Continue reading


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I first saw this flower in Oregon and added it to my own garden some years later. It grows from corms and self propagates. In New Zealand it is considered an environmental weed. Photographed at a school near my home.

Worldwide Photowalk

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Last Saturday I joined 56 other ardent photographers at 0-dark thirty in Sacramento to photograph in the California State Railroad Museum. It was one of over 1100 groups (32,000+ people) in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk. Our leader had secured permission … Continue reading

Raptors & John Muir

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Last evening while a good friend and I were in the John Muir National Historic Site for a glimpse of the full moon rising over Mt. Diablo, we met up with a Park Ranger who was going to lead a … Continue reading