Buteo jamaicensis

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Red-tailed hawks were in abundance during a visit to the San Luis Wildlife refuge. It seemed as if they were around every corner. Most looked to be juveniles perhaps in their first year.


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During our visit to the San Luis Refuges, we noticed an abundance of raptors. I read that there is an explosion of voles and mice because of the cool summer that allowed grasses to linger longer. More voles and mice … Continue reading

San Luis Reservoir sunset

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After a long day of looking for waterfowl in the San Luis Wildlife Refuges we decided to head to the San Luis Reservoir in hopes of an interesting sunset. The sunset itself was not awe-inspiring but the afterglow was pretty … Continue reading

Another Oldie

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Lundy Lake Canyon, October 2003. There are a series of beaver ponds up the canyon that can offer great views and small details both.

Going back in time

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I’ve been working on a Lightroom catalog of older images going back to 2002. Something that’s been discussed is opening original raw files in the latest conversion tools. It is amazing how much detail LR can pul out of earlier … Continue reading


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Rain has begun in earnest and it seems to mark a seasonal transition. Shorter days are upon us and Halloween can’t be too far away.

Fall in Muir Woods

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After an early morning at the Golden Gate and a most welcome rest stop at Peets, we headed to Muir Woods National Monument. It is an astonishingly beautiful place that’s very hard to capture in photographs. There are deciduous trees … Continue reading