Little Birds

I took a short, hot hike in a new-to-me part of Mt. Diablo State Park called Macedo Ranch. It was near mid-day, a terrible time to take photographs, but I wanted to see if some changes I had made to my camera would allow me to use autofocus on birds in flight. I didn’t get much practice at that but I did see some pretty little birds. A raptor was hovering over a hill and my best guess is that it was an America Kestral though it seemed larger that the kestrals I’ve seen before. It’s possible that it was a Prairie Falcon too. Barn Swallows were in abundance near the ranch buildings and one lighted atop a horse rail. Last was a male Finch pouring out his song on top of a light fixture.


  1. Very nice. I really like the new blog format!

  2. Nice! I l know you had fun capturing these beauties. I’m assuming your focusing responded better with your tweaks? The third bird is a House Finch, by the way which is the only one of the three we have around here.

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