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Bald Eagles, Calaveras Reservoir

I was on a gorgeous bike ride Saturday from Sunol to the Calaveras Reservoir and back when I passed a man with a spotting scope. I took a look in the direction it was pointed and saw what appeared to be a Bald Eagle atop a power line. I stopped and circled back to ask. He said not only was it a Bald Eagle but had a nest with two nearly fledged eaglets. With only a 3.2Mp camera phone, I knew I had to return that evening. This is a crop of an image made with the 500mm f4 + 2x converter.

We stayed for about an hour and a half anticipating the return of the eagle’s mate. There was a brief flurry of wing flapping and calling that seemed to herald such a return, but both we and the eaglets were disappointed. Still, a most wonderful moment.

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  1. How exciting! Makes that lens worth it’s weigh :-)

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