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Photoshop 20th Anniversary

Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM, 1/2 @ f/6.3

I was privilidged to attend a celebration of 20 years of Photoshop at the Palace of Fine Arts theater last night. Everyone who is “Photoshop” was there including the Knoll brothers who wrote v1.0. It was hosted by Scott Kelby and it started off with a fairly wacky band in plastic suits and wigs but it made for some interesting photography. I liked this shot simply because of the color and motion.

I don’t think I’ve attended an event with as many high-end cameras in use. It seems that I wasn’t the only person thinking of the possibilities. Jeff Schewe was all over the place taking photos at wacky angles. All the attendees got a poster and a t-shirt. Some of us were lucky enough to pick a seat with a PS 20th Anniversary 2Gb flash drive.


  1. Fun! Must have been an extremely energizing event!

  2. Great shot! Must have been exciting to be there.

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