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A photo of mine was published on the National Geographic web site today. It is a photograph I took some 9 years ago at Lake Tahoe. I didn’t know what the phenomena was and asked the folks at Astronomy Picture of the Day if they knew. They were kind enough to let me know that it was a Sun Pillar and oh, by the way, could they use the photo? It became the Astronomy Picture of the Day for November 7, 2001. After that, I started to get inquiries from around the world. The photo has appeared:

…and on many, many websites both with and without permission. :-)

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  1. Carol Leigh

    You know what’s weird? Chris and I were watching the sunset last night and a mini light pillar appeared — not as wonderful as yours, not as vibrant, a pale imitation, actually — and I was telling him about YOUR photo and how cool it was. So. You and this photo were in our minds long before your Nat’l Geographic posting today. And now you can say you’re a National Geographic photographer! Ta da! — Carol Leigh

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